Texas man dies at Blue Chairs Hotel in Puerto Vallarta

2022-08-19 23:49:43 By : Ms. Ann Ann

Another unfortunate death was recorded in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta, where a 71-year-old man from Texas was found dead inside his hotel room at the Blue Chairs Hotel on Los Muertos Beach.

It was announced that the man apparently died of natural causes, however, as there was no direct relative who could officially identify him, the Public Ministry agent ordered the transfer of the lifeless body to the SEMEFO facilities, where it would remain in custody until officially identified.

The municipal authorities announced that the report was received by the emergency numbers shortly after 9:00 p.m. when they were told about a person who had died inside the Blue Chairs Hotel, located on Malecón street. at the intersection with Almendro, where the elements of the Municipal Police went to verify the report.

Upon arrival, they met with the person in charge of the reception, who stated that indeed a male person of foreign origin had died inside the hotel, in room number 702.

The hotel manager reported that paramedics from a private company were already at the scene, who were resuscitating the person, however, he did not react, therefore they notified the municipal authorities.

The elements of the Municipal Police were informed that it is a foreigner named John Clarke, 71 years old, who was originally from Texas, who was lying on the floor, where he was located by his friend Eduardo 70 years old.

It was said that moments before, Eduardo had gone down to eat, however, not finding the restaurant open, he returned to the room, which is when he found his friend lying on the floor, so he immediately began to ask for help.

Elements of the Investigative Police attended the scene together with experts from Forensic Services, who took charge of the lifeless body, which they transferred to the SEMEFO facilities where the legal process of an autopsy will be completed.

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